The Ultimate Car Rental Guide for First-Timers

The rent-a-car industry is huge; with around $10 billion in annual revenue and 17 million yearly users in the US alone, such services are indispensable to travelers.

Go to any city in the country, and you’re sure to find a rental service that has the kind of car you want for getting around and checking places off your travel bucket list. If you’re new to traveling, though, here are a few things you should know before trying out rent-a-car service.

The Required Documents

You need your driver’s license and your credit card in order to rent a car. You may be able to use your debit card for the purpose as well, but it can create unnecessary hassles.

Rates for Young People

Here’s the bad news: you’re at a disadvantage if you’re a younger driver. Drivers under the age of 25 are usually charged higher rates because of the higher risks involved with renting cars to them. This is because damage to rented cars is more common with young renters.

Rental Insurance

Insurance comprises a large portion of your total car rent. Check with your insurance provider to see whether they cover rental cars or not. Also, you need to check with your bank and see whether your credit card covers rental cars or not.

How to Go Cheap

Car rents vary from time-to-time, depending on demand and supply. Look out for offers and promotions online before deciding where to rent from. Some companies also offer loyalty programs at really cheap rates. Ask for them before you make a final decision.

Reject expensive additions to a rental car if you don’t need them. You rarely need satellite radios and HD TVs inside a car while traveling around. Save your money for more exciting things instead.

Do your Due Diligence

Make sure the car you’re getting is in fine condition. Inspect it fully before driving away and report any damage already done to the car so you don’t get falsely accused of causing it.

You usually don’t have to worry about such things when dealing with a reputable rent-a-car service provider, but you never know, maybe they missed it themselves. Better safe than sorry.

Rent-a-car service in Miami

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