Renting a Car for Your Road Trip

Are you planning on taking a road trip with your friends or family? Does it involve packing your bags and leaving on a whim, just like in the movies? After all, summer’s around the corner; it’s the perfect time to leave all your troubles behind for a week or two!

But before you start looking for car rental services to help materialize your road trip dreams, here are a few things to consider;

1. Choose a Car That Fits Your Needs

Will you be traveling solo? Or will you be traveling with family and kids? These are the kind of questions that you need to be asking yourself when renting a car.

This is because your car needs will vary depending upon who you’re traveling with. So while a convertible might be a good option for a solo traveler, an SUV might be a better option when traveling with a family.

So before looking up rental cars, make sure you know what your needs are. This way, you won’t have to worry about compromising on the quality of your road trip.

2. Don’t Make Hasty Decisions About Insurance

Renting a car will require you to make important decisions about rental car insurance. While purchasing car rental insurance might sound like a good idea, it also adds to the cost of renting.

To avoid that, take a look at your existing auto insurance and see if the company provides coverage for rental cars. If you have full coverage, then you need not worry about buying rental car insurance.

If that’s not the case, then turn to your credit card, as most credit card companies usually provide insurance that your auto insurance doesn’t cover. You should only go for car rental insurance when you have no other options.

3.  Don’t Have More Than Two Drivers

Road trips, while fun can, easily get exhausting, especially if you’re the one driving. To not compromise on your safety and that of your loved ones, it’s common to switch drivers frequently.

Decide on route-based switches; for instance, from point A to B, I’ll be driving, but from point B to C, my friend will be the one who’s driving.

Having more than one driver on a road trip isn’t an uncommon occurrence, and car rental companies are aware of that. But to avoid paying hefty amounts for a rental car, make sure that you don’t go above the limit of two drivers.

This is because having drivers more than two drivers automatically translates into paying additional fees to the car rental company.

4. Don’t Go Off The Roads

Though it might sound like common sense, you should know that you don’t have to go dune bashing for it to classify as off-roading. This means you should keep off any roads and paths that aren’t properly paved to avoid any extra fees or fines.


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