Picking Up Your Rental: What to Watch Out For

Car rentals are a life saver, especially if you’re in a crunch and need a reliable vehicle. The car rentals segment of the economy has been soaring as of late, and is forecasted to grow to $30,686 million by 2023, demonstrating its immense popularity. However, there are still some things to be careful about when renting a car, especially if it’s your first time.

Here are a few of them:

Inspect the exteriors

When it comes to a rental, there’s always a chance of minor damage occurring. Rental companies charge clients for any damage to the exterior and interior of their vehicles. When you get the car from the rental company, make sure you inspect its exterior and interior before you start driving it.

If it’s dark outside, take a close look with a flashlight. Any damage to the exterior should be marked down on the rental company’s sheet. You don’t want to be paying for damage another customer caused.

Check the fittings of the car

Make sure you check all the fittings of the car. Door handles, windscreen wipers, door locks, lights, windows, radio, air-con, and other fixtures should all be working properly.

Once again, if they’re malfunctioning or not working at all, confirm this detail with the rental company so that it isn’t charged to your bill. Door locks are especially important to prevent valuable belongings or car parts being stolen.

Check out the car’s GPS system in advance. Ask the agent to show you how to work it. Set the language and coordinates accordingly as well.

Check for fuel type

Cars run on diesel, gas, or are electrically powered. Make sure you check the fuel tank and confirm all details about the kind of fuel that the vehicle is built for with the agent. Mixing fuels will cause major damage to the vehicle that will end up costing you a lot of money.

Check the fuel gauge  

Always read the fine print regarding company policy. If they have a ‘full-to-full’ policy, make sure the tank is full when you get the car. Top up once you give the vehicle back to avoid extra charges.

Take time out to get familiar with all the buttons and levers

Every car brand has an interior design that’s specific to them. Make sure you understand and get familiar with the dashboard. You should know where the turn signals are, where the hazard light buttons are, as well as high-beam and low-beam.


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