Parking Advice for your Trip to South Beach

South Miami Beach is a must-visit place for any traveler; the awesome beach, unique architecture, glittery nightlife, and delicious food make it an experience you’ll never forget.

However, your trip to the beach can become a nightmare because of parking issues. If you’re not aware of the parking dynamics of the area, there won’t be much to enjoy as you roam around for hours on end, trying to find space.

Here’s your guide to visiting South Miami Beach successfully without any parking headaches.

Where Can You Park Anyways?

First of all, let’s see all the available spaces that may be used for parking:

  • Street parking—finding a street parking space becomes easier as you move to the west. This is a convenient parking option if you’re able to find a spot.
  • Public parking lots—keep an eye out for public parking lots (there are 66 in total) as they’re quite cheap. A public parking spot at South Beach costs around $2–4 per hour.
  • Residential lots—look out for these lots and make sure you don’t park here mistakenly. These are reserved for local residents. There are signs that indicate their purpose.
  • Parking garages—they’re usually more expensive than other lots, but you may use them if you have no better option.
  • Private lots—we advise you to avoid these because they’re more expensive and also riskier. If your time runs out, your car will be towed within seconds. If you choose to use them, anyway, make sure you buy yourself plenty of time.

How to Reserve Space and Pay?

Miami City has partnered with two apps named Parkmobile and ParkMe (On the App Store and the Play Store). These help you in finding parking spaces, reserving them beforehand and paying for it online. It saves you the hassle of finding parting lots and paying at meters.

Towing Issues

Your car can get towed for various reasons, including exceeding your parking time, parking at a residential lot, parking without a reservation, or not parking the car correctly. If your car is not where you left it, call the Miami Beach Parking Enforcement Hotline at 305-604-4785 and find out what happened to it.

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