Mustang Rental Miami Airport

If you’re visiting Miami you probably need to arrange for transportation. If you are travelling alone, in a small group or with limited cargo, you have some brilliant options open to you.

For those who appreciate power as well as the experience of driving a high performance vehicle as well as the thrill and freedom of a convertible, we proudly present the 2018 Ford Mustang Convertible.

Boasting a transmission that offers you ten-speed options and a 5.0 liter V8 under the hood, this baby is the kind of powerhouse vehicle that could really take that Miami experience up a notch!

With a comfortable seating capacity of up to four persons and four hundred and sixty points of basic HP at the throttle, the Ford Mustang convertible would make a welcome addition to your stay in Miami.

Delivered to You Anywhere in Miami

 Orange Rent A Car also offers to deliver your Mustang convertible to you anywhere in Miami. If you’re coming to Florida by air, you can also opt to have your Mustang rental fueled and ready for pick up at the Miami Airport!

If you’re looking to book in advance, feel free to contact our company representatives, avail our one-click booking options or review our website for terms, conditions and prices!


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