Mercedes Rental Miami

Mercedes Benz has always symbolized taste, class, safety and comfort and among the Mercedes Benz fleet, the C Class is a breed of its own.

Our rent a car company offers clients the Mercedes C Class for hire on a weekly, daily and monthly rate basis. The Mercedes C Class can comfortably seat five passengers while leaving ample room for luggage and other carry items in the trunk.

The 2018 C Class comes with an engine that runs on petrol that goes by the name of the C-300. With a 3.5 liter four-cylinder engine, the cars mechanics and novel design allow for the car to produce a base horsepower of 241 points allowing it to reach high speeds in a short amount of time.

4-wheel multilink-suspension, allows for a particularly smooth drive regardless of what the terrain may be. The spacious cabin allows for a comfortable drive and interactive controls and other built in functions make this car ideal for those traveling with family.

Miami in a Mercedes

Miami is the kind of city where you are much better off if you have your own car. Having your own car in Miami means the entire city becomes a lot more accessible. You get to experience life when visiting this East Coast paradise as the locals do and get to access entertainment and areas that might have otherwise been problematic.

The C Class also known for its safety features besides high performance specifications is ideal for those traveling with families and young children as well as those traveling alone for work or business.

We offer to drop of your Mercedes C Class rental to a decided location within Miami to help make things simpler for you. Feel free to cycle back to our contact page, connect with an Orange Rent A Car rep and book now!

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