Ford Mustang Rental Miami Airport

Want to experience a true American muscle machine but never got the chance? Why not book a Ford Mustang from our fleet and have it ready for you at Miami Airport?

The 2018 Ford Mustang boasts a 2.3 liter Eco-boost engine and a base horsepower of 310, delivering roaring performance at half the fuel. The same is also available in a high power V-8 engine.

Our car rental company offers both the convertible and hard top versions of the car to customers and clients. The Ford Mustang, a performance oriented car can comfortably seat four passengers and is praised for keeping engine noise to the bare minimum possible.

An interior that offers all modern amenities while keeping in line with classic design is also one of this car’s aesthetic plus points.

Ideal for cruising down the streets of Miami, for those travelling alone, those with less luggage and those traveling in pairs and couples, the Ford Mustang is available for rent on a monthly, weekly and daily bases.

If you’re taking a trip to Miami and want your own rental Ford Mustang prepped and ready for you at the airport – feel free to get in touch with us and book now!

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