Food For The Soul: The Best Eateries In Miami

Just as little as a decade ago, the restaurants of Miami weren’t held in high esteem, with diners often left unimpressed by the choices in cuisine, quality of service and the prices offered by the city’s establishments. However, the culinary scene in the Magic City has undergone a revolution in recent years, and Miami has now firmly established itself as one America’s premier foodie destinations.

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The Best Scenic Drives in Florida

Briton Hill, located in the Panhandle, is the highest point in Florida. Having a meager altitude of just 345 feet above sea level, it’s the lowest high point of all state highpoints, however. Considering the low altitude of Briton Hill, most people think that the coastal mainland of Florida is just about the beaches and doesn’t offer anything when it comes to scenic road drives. Oh how wrong they are.

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Creating the Perfect Fall Weekend

Fall in Florida is not about romantic walks under trees shedding aged leaves tainted in crimson-golden shades of the season. In contrast to how the rest of the world celebrates autumn, people in Miami value the chance to not wrap themselves up in wool and knits or go out without melting in the summer heat.

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