4 Reasons to Rent a Car for Your Vacation

With temperatures getting warmer and sparkly ocean waters calling your name, you might be tempted to set out for a vacation. After all, you deserve a break from all the chaos in your life.

You want to feel as light as a dandelion seed, as the wind caresses your face through a rolled down car window.

But before you worry about public transportation routes and fees, here’s why going for a rental car instead is a better option;

1. None Of Your Precious Time Is Wasted

While on vacation, every hour—even every minute—is precious. After all, how’re you going to squeeze in eating out at Nobu and visiting the Art Deco Historic District in just one day? With public transport, you just can’t.

This is because you’ll have to plan your entire trip around public transportation routes and schedules. For instance, if there’s a bus that takes you to the Art Deco Historic District at 10:30 AM, but departs from there at 3:30 PM, you’ll miss the chance to dine at your leisure. But with a rental car, you can plan your own schedule without missing out on any fun places!

2. You Don’t Miss Out On Any Hidden Gems

Having your own transportation can allow you to go to places that public transportation won’t go to! Public transportation only enables you to visit common tourist spots that are designated as important.

With a rental car, you get to explore freely. So instead of only visiting the main attractions, you get the chance to venture out to cool and unique areas. This way, you can get a real taste of the local culture and make the vacation worthwhile.

3. Can Be Extremely Comfortable

Using public transportation means that you’ll be traveling during peak rush hour a lot of the times; this automatically translates into traveling in crowded buses. You might even have to stand in the bus all the way to the beach.

And even if do you get space to sit, the tight fit can end up making you feel drained. But with a rental car, you get to travel in comfort. You get to take in the sights the city has to offer, without worrying about a lack of legroom.

4. Can Be Easy On The Pocket

Even if you decide that public transportation’s not for you, taxis and private cars can put a dent in your bank account. You’ll find yourself worrying about these additional vacation costs, instead of actually enjoying your vacation.

But with a rental car you get to save on the additional costs of paying for private cars and taxis. This is because renting a car for a longer time period is much cheaper than a private car.

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